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Episode One: Southern Girl

Pilot. Ellen is a southern girl on a last-ditch mission to make her dreams come true in NYC, and a paying job is her only hope to stay... Does she have what it takes to make it in the crazy world of NYC real estate brokers?

Episode Two: Julio

With a little help from her mentor, Blake, Ellen attempts to show her first apartment to the peculiar Janie, and her goldfish, Julio.

Episode Three: Adoril's Gift

In an act of desperation, Ellen accepts the gift of an exclusive listing from Awesome Apartment’s strangest broker, Adoril. Blake’s new girlfriend is a familiar face from Ellen’s past.

Episode Four: Kang's Rage

After finally hitting her stride as a Broker, Ellen accidentally provokes the rage of Awesome Apartments' resident homicidal Broker, Kang.

Episode Five: She's a Rockefellar

The whole office is in turmoil after a surprise visit from Awesome Apartments' terrifying owner, Theresa Rockefellar, and Ellen must call in a miracle to keep her job.

Episode Six: Book Buzz

Season Finale. In an attempt to keep Ellen’s dream of being a children’s book author alive, Blake pulls out all the stops to orchestrate an impromptu book launch party in her honor.
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